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How many different blower motors are used in furnaces available in Toronto?

We can categorize blowers into three main categories: PSC blowers – Single Speed These blower motors consume the AC city electricity in the same AC form and always run at the same frequency. These are the very basic blower motors used in the heating industry today. They will, of course, beat the efficiency of a 20-year old blower motor by a mile, as they are about 30% more efficient than the old blower motors. However, don’t limit your options. They would not have the quietest operation and will not maximize your comfort.ECM X13 – Multi Speed Motors ECM stands for Electronically-Commutated Motors and all ECM motors will first convert from AC electricity (the type of city electricity) to DC power. There are two direct advantages that will result from DC power: DC Power has a lower and more efficient power consumption as opposed to AC power and converting to DC power will allow for modifying the motor speed – hence the term variable-speed. These are not true variable speed motors, rather…

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