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5 Signs That Your Furnace May Need Repair

Canadians depend on their furnaces to keep their homes cozy. A working furnace also helps you to avoid winter problems like burst pipes when the season gets cold. Since your heater does not work during the summer months, it can become damaged without your realizing it. It’s essential to arrange furnace repairs as soon as possible when a problem develops with your unit. We list five common signs that your system needs examining and servicing in this article.
1. Abnormal Smells
If your furnace smells like sulfur or rotten eggs, it’s cause for alarm. Fuel providers and utility companies put smelly substances in otherwise odourless natural gas. If you smell this kind of stench, it could signify a natural gas leak. This can cause an explosion and disastrous fire in your home. Take urgent action. Leave your home at once. When you're a safe distance away, call your utility company and fire department for help.
If the heat exchanger component of your furnace is cracked, it can cause a chemic…

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