Carrier ComfortHeat™ Technology: Quieter Operation, Enriched Comfort And Continual Savings!

I get asked about the advantages of COMFORTHEAT™ technology quite often.  

This technology incorporates a variable speed motor in combination with a “smart” microprocessor to improve both the heating and the cooling performance while further optimizing the energy efficiency of both the heating and cooling operation.   Any Carrier Furnace featuring COMFORTHEAT™ technology works by starting slowly and then inclining to a higher speed if needed for more comfort in providing more heating or more cooling – depending on the season.  When the anticipated indoor temperature is reached, the system will continue on a low (and therefore energy-efficient) state of speed to maintain your comfort.  Heated or cooled air is distributed not only quietly, but more energy-efficiently – not to mention with a tighter indoor temperature control and making certain that it remains steadily closer to your desired setpoint.

Because the blower motor uses DC electricity as compared with regular AC city electricity, the operation of the blower is much more efficient to begin with.  Combine that with the “smart” microprocessor to adjust the speed of the blower based upon the need to rise or drop the temperature – depending on the season – and you are looking at electricity costs savings of MORE than ten folds compared to a constant speed blower furnace – be it high or low-efficiency.

Since with the COMFORTHEAT™ technology, the system is capable of the gradual change in speed settings, controlling the temperature as well as limiting those uncomfortable temperature fluctuations is enhanced.  I will publish another post shortly regarding the Carrier AdapativeLogic™ patented technology that further enhances this tight control on temperature and is only exclusive to Carrier Furnaces.


And of course a QUIET OPERATION should play a major role in during the selection of an HVAC equipment, in this case furnace.  A Carrier furnace featuring COMFORTHEAT™ will automatically guarantee a lower sound rating, since the majority of the operation is at the low-speed state.

So be sure to look for this feature in the Furnace of your choice:

Carrier Performance™ BOOST 90 58MEC FURNACE

Carrier Performance™ 96 58UVB FURNACE

Carrier Infinity™ 96 58MVB FURNACE

Carrier Infinity™ ICS 58MVC FURNACE

Aside from the above three outlined beneficial factors, with COMFORTHEAT™, a Carrier furnace is able to control the humidity level in your home.  It also helps with an efficient filtering operation.  Both of these issues will be discussed at the next post.  


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