Toronto Carrier Infinity™ ICS Furnace HIGH-EFFICIENCY (GAS) - 58MVC - Including The Infinity™ Control ON SALE For A Limited Time!



  • FULL COMMUNICATING AND DIAGNOSTICS SYSTEM:  Any performance-related issues and/or faults are detected by the INFINITY™ Control and displayed on the thermostat screen
    • For instance, the INFINITY™ system measures the static pressure in the return air duct and is able to determine exactly when the time for the filter replacement has come.  When the furnace air filter gets dirty, it will block the air flow - resulting in increased static pressure which is further detected by the INFINITY™ system that will alert you with respect to replacing the air filter.
  • The INFINITY™ Control will be tied in with your humidifier and the reading and controlling of the relative humidity would then be digitally through the INFINITY™ Control, as opposed to the usual inconvenient trip to the basement and turning the humidistat knob in the furnace room to adjust the humidity levels.
  • The INFINITY™ Control will allow you to adjust the speed of the blower from low to medium to high settings simply through the thermostat.  
    • The huge advantage of having direct and easy control on the speed of the blower, comes into play during the summer time.  When setting the speed fan on low on a summer day, the contact time between the air and the evaporator coil surface area becomes higher - leading to the removal of more and more moisture.  This will allow you to leave the cooling temperature setting to a higher-than-usual temperature and still eliminate the humidity inside your home and feel super comfortable without having your air conditioning unit work as much.  So reduced hydro costs are in order.  Instead of lowering the fan speed, you can also directly set the humidity to a low relative humidity level and have your humidifier setting automatically take care of the reduction of the humidity by setting the blower speed to an optimized degree.
  • The installation of an outside temperature sensor allows you to monitor the outside temperature just by looking at your thermostat display. 
  • And all the other magnificently designed features that simply make the INFINITY™ Control one-of-a-kind...
Please visit the following link to review the features of the amazing INFINITY™ ICS gas furnace that is meant to operate with the one and only INFINITY™ Control...

Air Makers Inc. is proud to announce this great promotion for homeowners due for a furnace replacement.  On top of a significant initial (and of course long-term) savings, you are further eligible to receive $350 from Carrier + $790 from Federal Government's EcoEnergy Retrofit program + $250 from the Ontario Power Authority in REBATES.


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