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Humidifiers are especially recommended for those cold winter days while the furnace is almost running continuously. The right humidifier will not only make your indoor air more comfortable and can add more warmth, it is meant to moisturize the air and prevent the continuous furnace operation from drying the indoor air. Dry air and low relative humidity can be the cause of concern for many health related issues especially for those with respiratory ailments. The lack of existing moisture in your home can further cause nosebleeds and general dehydration, skin and eye irritations as they will have an evaporative effect on your body moisture and fluids. You can also experience mild troubling effects such as static electricity shocks.
Please keep in mind that although lack of indoor moisture is a definite no-no, too much humidity can also be quite damaging to your home and health. 35% to 50% is considered a healthy relative humidity range. The exact optimized setpoint is different for every…