4 Reasons To Replace Your Furnace Right Now!

Very often, there are 4 main reasons why you are looking to replace your existing furnace with a new furnace.

1. Of course, the first reason is that your furnace has broken down and it is older than 10 years and/or out of warranty and a furnace repair is not justifiable with respect to its cost.

2. Similarly, you may be facing a scenario where your home furnace has been red-tagged by a licensed gas fitter technician.

In case of a ‘Type A’ Red Tag, the furnace is deemed unsafe and disapproved for further use, and the gas supply will be shut off at the gas meter outside or at the appliance from inside your home by the gas technician. If you are ever facing this situation, before finalizing a decision, it is always worth your time to get a second opinion, since there have always been reports of high pressure sales or rather scare tactics in an effort to make you believe that your furnace is unsafe – where in reality your furnace could have another several healthy years of its life ahead and a mere furnace tune-up is all that would be needed, if that. Read our President’s Message and don’t “get burnt by furnace fraud”!

And, of course, you can receive a legitimate Red Tag for a legitimately Ontario gas code non-compliant issue, but to proceed with repairs necessary to void the Red Tag, homeowner can sometimes find that his/her best and most feasible option would be to replace the home furnace at once.
Unfortunately, if any of the above scenarios occur in the midst of a cold winter and you don’t have heat in your home, your house starts to get colder by the minute and you will not have the time resource or the comfort to educate yourself and arrive at a fully informed decision with respect to the right investment on your home heating system. If you have a fireplace, a woodstove or any other means of a safe heat source, you might get by a little longer but sooner or later you are required to make a quick decision without having the luxury of thorough research in picking the most suitable Toronto Heating and Cooling contractor for you. Which is why we always recommend keeping on top of your home heating system, by staying ahead of the game and taking proactive measures in having your search and shopping around started and your decision made before the start of winter.

3. And so the other reason to replace your furnace – which is basically a proactive measure – is that your furnace is old.

The lifetime of furnaces (depending on their quality, the quality of its installation and its maintenance) is anywhere between 15 to 25 years and by replacing your furnace, you will avoid getting stuck in a ‘no heat’ situation when you will not have the luxury of time and comfort.

4. Or that you just know your fuel costs are sky-rocketing. (most specifically your gas bills and partially hydro bills when it comes to the majority of our Toronto homes)

Again, fortunately and very well for you, you have time on your side to shop around and buy and install the most suitable furnace by the right Toronto HVAC company.
This page is for any homeowner living in the Greater Toronto Area looking to replace their existing central forced air heating system with a brand-new furnace, given any of the above reasons and more. Again if your furnace in not functioning at this time, you will most probably take some shortcuts in your search practice, but hopefully not.

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