The Benefits Of A Modulating HVAC System

Have you experienced hot or cold spots in your home?
Have you experienced a sticky sensation from the air in your home?

Temperature and humidity control are just two of the many advantages of a modulating HVAC system - a concept often times too abstract for homeowners during the purchasing process - in which they have a direct impact on home comfort.
Let’s start with the fact that a modulating system is capable of having two or more speeds while a fixed speed HVAC system can only run at full speed. 
When we speak of temperature control as being a major upside to a modulating system, we refer to its ability to provide consistent air conditioning that is commensurate with the home’s needs as opposed to a fixed speed all or nothing method. The difference between the two systems will often be noticed in rooms that receive the least airflow leading to hot or cold spots. The quality of life can be directly impacted by consistent airflow particularly during the night time, when comfort is dependant on the ability to get a good night’s sleep. A system where the cycling is either on or off can create a situation where the homeowner is both too hot and too cold. In addition, increased cycling can also create a sound nuisance which can be very bothersome to both the homeowner and their neighbours! A modulating system is capable of keeping rooms at a more precise temperature by providing longer lasting, less intense airflow with fewer cycles than a fixed speed unit. 
Humidity, on the other hand, has a direct impact on home comfort as it increases the level of warmth felt in an environment and consequently how “sticky” the air may feel. As modulating systems run more consistently, more air is being cycled which means more moisture is being removed. Humidity levels should be no higher than 50% all day long - as higher levels in the home can lead to mold growth. A fixed speed system can allow such levels to reach as much as 60% whereas a modulating system will not allow relative humidity to go past 50%. 

It is imperative for homeowners to start asking questions and essentially educate themselves on HVAC systems and how it plays an integral role in the way in which we live and sleep. Again, it should be noted that the above is only part of the advantages of having a modulating system. More info coming soon. 

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