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Furnace Repair: Knowing When It’s Time to Call A Technician

As we dive deeper into the winter months with extreme cold weather alerts being announced more frequently, your heating system will be working much harder to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.  Unfortunately, the chances of furnace failure drastically increases when your furnace has to be running consistently. If a failure occurs overnight, it is quite often the worst possible time to contact a furnace repair technician as there will likely be many other HVAC emergencies requiring immediate service. 
With this in mind, there are ways to prevent such an occurrence from happening by cluing into several signs that indicate calling a professional prior to system failure. 
Noisy furnace operation: Most furnaces do not operate totally quiet, however, if the noise levels of your furnace grow louder and louder - it is certainly worth a closer look. A common reason for noisy furnace operation is a partially broken or cracked belt that is still functioning but may completely break at…

Emergency Repair Services: Expert Furnace and Air Conditioner Repair in Toronto & the GTA

Air Makers Inc. Heating and Coolingis built upon mutual trust and respect and part of its success relies on our great people. We are an authorized Carrier, Lennox and Goodman Heating and Cooling equipment dealer.  For over 18 years, Air Makers Inc. has repaired thousands of furnaces and air conditioners in many communities across the GTA, including the downtown Toronto region and North Toronto. To confirm Air Makers’ reliability, we highly encourage you to find a previous client in your neighbourhood. With Air Makers, you as a customer are promised superior expertise, highest quality products and services and highly trained advisers and technicians - along with trusted customer care, installation and service staff. Our business is driven by a fundamental sense of responsibility and we take great pride in customer satisfaction. Thus, we provide prompt emergency service for furnace repair and installation, air conditioner repair and installation, boiler repairs, and hot water tanks repa…

The Best Save Of The Season With 1st Air Heating & Cooling!

Purchasing a new furnace or air conditioning unit is now made easier! 1st Air, our sister company and Lennox premier dealer, is now offering: Mail In Rebate of up to $1700 with the purchase of a qualifying Lennox Home Comfort System. AND  Receive up to $2000 in Enbridge RebatesReceive up to $650 in IESO (OPA) Rebates
Buying a new furnace or air conditioning unit may be necessary — and often times a great way to save money long term — particularly if you experience any of the four warning signs we have briefly pulled together to help you know when it’s time to replace your gas furnace.
Your furnace is older than 15 years. The average life expectancy of furnaces are typically anywhere from 15 to 20 years. If your furnace is older than 15 years, it may be a good idea to begin shopping as most homeowners will prefer to replace their furnace after much research and planning has been done, rather than a panic replacement due to furnace failure.Your energy bills and equipment repairs are stea…

Why Tankless Water Heaters Are NOT A Good Investment

Please take a moment and let us educate you with some facts about tankless water heaters.  The reason as to why we do not suggest tankless systems is our long time experience dealing with these units. For their own personal profits, many companies are not straight with you when it comes to tankless water heaters and they like to keep more than a few key points hidden from you. Below, you can find some very useful information you would want to review before even considering tankless water heaters for your home or business.  You can also have a look at the performance evaluation which was done by CONSUMERREPORTS.ORG and check out some more factual and experimental data.  For further reference, you can read this Toronto Star article THESTAR.COM.

1. There is NO big saving on tankless heaters This is a proven fact that the average gas savings with a tankless water heater for a regular-sized house is only about $60 - $80 per year. However - unlike most storage heater models that only operat…

Natural Gas is Toronto's No. 1 Choice Of Furnace Fuel Today!

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, you are most probably aware that the cost of natural gas has been at its ultimate low and today natural gas furnaces are most widely used amongst Torontonians. See the historical natural gas rates page. Natural Gas rates have displayed consistent decline from about 35c in April 2006 to less than 9c per cubic meter as of July 2012. See natural gas prices today:Click here. Because of this low operational cost incentive, many Toronto homes are now replacing any non-natural gas fuel source to natural gas and gas distribution companies are taking an ever-increasing proactive measure in efforts to supply all of Torontonians with natural gas and gas meters. We have many clients everyday who want to change from oil or electric furnaces to natural gas furnaces. If you are a Toronto resident currently not having a gas meter, you should think seriously about switching to natural gas and applying for a gas meter. There are also many incentives, like free in…

What Is A Two Stage Gas Furnace And What Are Some Of Its Benefits?

A furnace with 2 stage heating will have 2 levels of heat output: high for cold days and low for milder days.
Some of its benefits include:
Home Comfort: Temperature swings are eliminated as the unit provides a more even heat distribution compared to standard furnaces, with longer lasting, less intense air flow. Quiet Operation: The sudden blast of air experienced with standard furnaces is eliminated as operation will start during the first stage, during the time when the amount of heat needed is lower. Air Filtration: A longer, low capacity operation will give your furnace filters the chance to better capture any contaminants - improving the air quality of your home. Energy Efficient: A two stage furnace will burn less fuel and use less energy as it will run mostly in its lower capacity first stage. Lower energy consumption will also save you money.
Click on the link for more information on our recommended Two Stage Carrier Furnace & Lennox Furnace!

In Search For The Quietest Furnace For Your Toronto Home?

As furnace sound levels can have a direct impact on the comfort of your home, there are a few things you should know and consider:
AFUE: In the case of gas furnaces, efficiency is expressed as an AFUE rating, which stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. AFUE ratings represent the ratio of fuel that is converted into usable heat. The ratings range anywhere from 80 percent to 98.5 percent. A furnace that has a 98.5 percent AFUE rating will convert 98.5 percent of its fuel into heat, losing 1.5 percent through the exhaust. The more efficient a furnace is, the quieter it is capable of operating.Technology:  Furnace noise levels will also differ depending on the technology (single stage, two stage or modulating) built into your heating system. With a single stage gas furnace, the furnace is either on or off. You will likely notice the sounds and fluctuation in temperature as the furnace unit turns on and off frequently to reach the desired setting.With a two stage gas furnace, a hig…

What Features Should I Look For When Comparing High-Efficiency Furnaces?

Now that you know how much heat output your home requires, it is now time to look into different furnace models that best suit your needs and match your budget at the same time. Matching your budget does not mean only looking at the initial cost of installation. You should seriously not over-look the value of an attractive payback period. Look at it as an investment you are making in the heating system of your home. For example, if a furnace costs $2,000 and another furnace costs $2,400, the $2,400 furnace might save you an additional $150 per year, which means that you have a payback period of $400/$150=2.7 years. Any payback period giving you a return on your investment within 5 years, is considered a smart investment. In the above case, if you purchased and installed the $2,400 furnace, not only you will recover the difference in 2 years and 8-9 months, but for every year that passes you are saving yourself from paying an extra $150. However, if the $2,400 furnace only saved you $50…

What Do The Number Of Heating 'Stages' Indicate And Why Should I Care?

If you are on this page, chances are your furnace is a single-stage furnace. There are always exceptions, of course, but in dealing with Toronto’s furnace replacement market, it’s been the trend. Now what is the difference with a single or a 2-stage or a 3-stage furnace? What is a modulating furnace? In a multi-stage furnace, there exists a gas valve which regulates gas flow rate into the furnace burner. In a single-stage furnace, the natural gas is always flowing at its full 100% capacity. In a 2-stage furnace, the furnace usually – depending on thermostat settings – first comes on the lower heating stage, which is associated with about 60% of its full natural gas flowrate capacity. If the furnace operation was not successful in reaching the thermostat setpoint in, say, 10 to 16 minutes, the gas regulator valve will completely open to allow full flow and therefore increase the supply rate of heat to your home. The same concept lies under a 3-stage furnace, except that instead of 2 diffe…

Consider All Warranty Options When Searching For The Perfect Furnace!

For maximizing your peace of mind with respect to your furnace installation and operation, be sure to explore all warranty options and differences. At most times, you will be given extended warranty options. Ask about those. The norm in our Toronto furnace market is a 10-year manufacturer part’s warranty. Don’t forget to have the labour warranty mentioned on your contract with the heating and cooling company. Normally, the equipment installed will not have factory labour warranty – which is why the labour warranty is usually offered by the installing contractor. 1 or 2 years of labour warranty is reasonable. Anything longer, you must look over your entire contract to search for fineprints indicating any conditions on the extended labour warranty. Please remember that it is truly unrealistic to have a 5 to 10 year labour warranty without making sure that the proper measures are taken with respect to furnace maintenance. You need to think twice about your purchase if you are given a 5 to…