Consider All Warranty Options When Searching For The Perfect Furnace!

For maximizing your peace of mind with respect to your furnace installation and operation, be sure to explore all warranty options and differences. At most times, you will be given extended warranty options. Ask about those. The norm in our Toronto furnace market is a 10-year manufacturer part’s warranty. Don’t forget to have the labour warranty mentioned on your contract with the heating and cooling company. Normally, the equipment installed will not have factory labour warranty – which is why the labour warranty is usually offered by the installing contractor. 1 or 2 years of labour warranty is reasonable. Anything longer, you must look over your entire contract to search for fineprints indicating any conditions on the extended labour warranty.
Please remember that it is truly unrealistic to have a 5 to 10 year labour warranty without making sure that the proper measures are taken with respect to furnace maintenance. You need to think twice about your purchase if you are given a 5 to 10-year labour warranty with no obligations from your part with respect to maintenance. You will end up either with a bankrupt company and therefore no labour warranty – OR you will end up getting charged regardless.
Be sure to know exactly where each warranty comes from. The installing company or the manufacturer? Manufacturer warranty is most credible. To have the manufacturer labour warranty, it is usually extra and must be purchased through the installing heating and cooling company from the manufacturer. Weigh all options.
Also be sure to ask about the warranty on the Heat Exchangers. The norm right now, is a life-time factory parts warranty on the primary and secondary heat exchangers.
At Air Makers Inc, we often include with our most basic warranty packages the following:
  • 10 years parts warranty from manufacturer
  • lifetime parts warranty on primary and secondary Heat Exchangers from manufacturer, and
  • 10 years labour warranty from Air Makers Inc
    Any labour warranty over two years offered by Air Makers will require chargeable annual maintenance and check-up – starting on the 3rd year and for about $80 per year.

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