In Search For The Quietest Furnace For Your Toronto Home?

As furnace sound levels can have a direct impact on the comfort of your home, there are a few things you should know and consider:

  • AFUE: In the case of gas furnaces, efficiency is expressed as an AFUE rating, which stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. AFUE ratings represent the ratio of fuel that is converted into usable heat. The ratings range anywhere from 80 percent to 98.5 percent. A furnace that has a 98.5 percent AFUE rating will convert 98.5 percent of its fuel into heat, losing 1.5 percent through the exhaust. The more efficient a furnace is, the quieter it is capable of operating.
  • Technology:  Furnace noise levels will also differ depending on the technology (single stage, two stage or modulating) built into your heating system. 
    • With a single stage gas furnace, the furnace is either on or off. You will likely notice the sounds and fluctuation in temperature as the furnace unit turns on and off frequently to reach the desired setting.
    • With a two stage gas furnace, a higher level of performance is available. The operation of the furnace will vary between the first and second stage based on demand. The furnace will have fewer cycles, and therefore, a quieter operation.
    • With a modulating gas furnace,  the furnace is capable of keeping rooms at a more precise temperature by providing longer-lasting, less intense airflow by modulating heating levels in small increments. The level of operation will be adjusted up or down by the furnace to offset the rate at which heat is lost from your home. Variable speed furnace models are typically 24 times less noisy than conventional furnaces, offering the quietest operation. 
  • Ductwork: Be mindful of your ductwork after selecting your furnace. You want to be certain that the ductwork is large enough to accommodate the airflow the furnace pushes. If it is too small it can potentially cause your heating system to create a sound nuisance by making whistling noises.

Furnaces We Recommend: 

Dave Lennox's signature series SLP98: Up to over 98.5% efficiency, variable speed, modulating 
Carrier Infinity 59MN7A: Up to 98.5% efficiency, variable speed, modulating 

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