Natural Gas is Toronto's No. 1 Choice Of Furnace Fuel Today!

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, you are most probably aware that the cost of natural gas has been at its ultimate low and today natural gas furnaces are most widely used amongst Torontonians. See the historical natural gas rates page. Natural Gas rates have displayed consistent decline from about 35c in April 2006 to less than 9c per cubic meter as of July 2012. See natural gas prices today: Click here.
Because of this low operational cost incentive, many Toronto homes are now replacing any non-natural gas fuel source to natural gas and gas distribution companies are taking an ever-increasing proactive measure in efforts to supply all of Torontonians with natural gas and gas meters. We have many clients everyday who want to change from oil or electric furnaces to natural gas furnaces. If you are a Toronto resident currently not having a gas meter, you should think seriously about switching to natural gas and applying for a gas meter. There are also many incentives, like free installation and even considerable cash or gift card incentives for you to switch to natural gas.
So do take advantage of these low operational costs, if you are already not, and start seeing quick changes on your utility bills.
Also, please don’t forget that home central furnaces, use electricity to operate their blower motor for forced-air distribution. So do keep in mind the hydro cost incurred by operating the blower when it comes to purchasing your new furnace. This will be discussed in more details where we discuss about important furnace features with which you should most certainly educate yourself when it comes to making a decision to replace your furnace.

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