What Is A Two Stage Gas Furnace And What Are Some Of Its Benefits?

A furnace with 2 stage heating will have 2 levels of heat output: high for cold days and low for milder days.

Some of its benefits include:
Home Comfort: Temperature swings are eliminated as the unit provides a more even heat distribution compared to standard furnaces, with longer lasting, less intense air flow.
Quiet Operation: The sudden blast of air experienced with standard furnaces is eliminated as operation will start during the first stage, during the time when the amount of heat needed is lower.
Air Filtration: A longer, low capacity operation will give your furnace filters the chance to better capture any contaminants - improving the air quality of your home.
Energy Efficient: A two stage furnace will burn less fuel and use less energy as it will run mostly in its lower capacity first stage. Lower energy consumption will also save you money.

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