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How To Extend The Life Of Your HVAC System!

There are a few steps you as a homeowner can take to ensure the air flows efficiently in your home for many years to come. 
1. The first thing you want to do is to make sure the HVAC system installed in your home is properly sized. The size of your furnace and air conditioner will play a fundamental role in how efficiently the system will operate. 
Say you purchase a high efficiency furnace (with 98% efficiency), you should only expect it to perform to peak efficiency if it is right-sized. Finding the right sized gas furnace for your home requires the knowledge of the proper criteria where the orientation of a home needs to be examined. The right HVAC professional will not only help you to select the right heating and cooling system for your home, but they will have received the appropriate certification and training required. In this way, the capacity of the furnace to put out heat compared to the electrical input based on the size of a home, window efficiency, etc must be considered…

Choosing The Right HVAC Company: Be Aware Of Misleading Tactics

For you to recognize which Toronto HVAC company you should confide, there are a few misleading tactics we want to share that a number of practicing Heating and Cooling contractor companies make use of to close a deal with you. So next time you come across an advertisement or run into an HVAC sales representative, hopefully you can apply these tips to decide on whom you can rely.
1. Is the potential contractor an Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, with a decent BBB rating?
Nowadays, with many quick money-making scams in every business, it is always recommended by authorities to deal with businesses that are accredited members of the Better Business Bureau, so that the company would have a transparent record of interactions with previous clients. This is especially recommended when dealing with contractors. In fact, being a BBB member, brings about a unique sense of responsibility for the company to try and put its best foot forward in all endeavours.
2. Are you offered a m…

Spring Cleaning Starts With Your Home Comfort System!

With spring just around the corner, spring cleaning is a tradition that should extend to your HVAC system to ensure your home is running in top shape! Here are some fast and easy things you as a homeowner can do to give your home system the checkup it needs:

Check the controls of your heating and cooling equipment at the beginning of every new season: Examine the starting cycle to see if the system starts, operates and turns off properlyCheck your furnace and air conditioning filters monthly and replace if dirty. A dirty filter can cause early system failure and increase energy costs.Inspect the condensation drain in your air conditioner, furnace and heat pump. Make sure it is kept clean and clear as a plugged drain will cause problems (water damage, impact humidity levels).Take a look at your thermostat settings. You want to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home and save energy and money while away.Clean blower components. You want to avoid airflow problems.Remove the housing…

What Does AFUE Mean And Why Is It Important?

AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The fuel in this case being natural gas. Althought electricity is also used for the operation of the furnace blower and inducer motor, when it comes to AFUE we are only referring to the source of fuel that is used to generate heat.

Given that the AFUE is an efficiency term, the AFUE of a gas furnace is rated from a scale of 0 to 100% gas consumption efficiency. Today in Toronto, any furnace with an AFUE of 94%, is considered a high-efficiency furnace – based on Canadian government regulations. This used to be at 90% followed by 92%, previously.

What do you think the AFUE of your furnace is? Although, this number might not be readily available, you could always calculate it based on information that should be supplied on the furnace sticker – usually inside the furnace, meaning that you have to open the furnace front door to get this info. The AFUE is the OUTPUT heating power/INPUT heating power. The INPUT and OUTPUT values are alway…

We’re In The Business Of Building Relationships Based Upon Mutual Trust & Respect!

Founded in 1998 by Fred Zolfaghari, BASc Mechanical Engineering, Air Makers has established a distinguished reputation in the Greater Toronto’s Heating and Cooling market in both residential and commercial applications. Latest manufacturers’ surveys have revealed Air Makers ranked #1 among the Greater Toronto’s Heating and Cooling contractors with respect to the most number of installed HVAC equipment since 2013. Air Makers’ pledge to quality means that our goal is beyond merely administering an HVAC business. We, in fact, make every effort to build a foundation of mutual trust and respect and further establish a long-term and reciprocated relationship with our clients. 

To confirm Air Makers’ reliability, we highly encourage you to find a previous client in your neighbourhood.  Air Makers has performed Installations and other Services in many communities across the GTA; from West of Burlington to East of Oshawa and from the Toronto Lakeshore to as far as Barrie. In order to serve you mo…