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Is your furnace giving you trouble? It could be as simple as dead thermostat batteries.

The bitter cold temperatures are upon us, and so, it is vital to ensure that your furnace is working effectively. With a high number of service calls regarding dysfunctional furnaces, what many homeowners are not aware of is the impact of thermostat batteries on the performance of your furnace (and air conditioner) unit. Most models will warn homeowners of dying batteries - usually by flashing a low battery symbol on the face of the thermostat, however, it can be easy to miss. Settings (time, date, preferred temperature, etc) may be lost when batteries are very low. This will result in the need to reprogram the thermostat. A good rule of thumb is to change the thermostat batteries once a year to prevent such issues from arising.

The Advantages of Replacing Your Furnace and Air Conditioner Together

With the weather getting colder and colder and the functionality of your furnace becoming a top priority, it is vital to ensure that its performance is efficient. We have talked about reasons why to replace your furnace, however, it is also important to consider the advantages of replacing both of your furnace and AC together. Here is why we recommend the replacement of your furnace and AC at the same time:

Benefits Include:

1. Higher energy efficiency: It is worthwhile to note that many of the systems being manufactured today are built much more efficiently than systems that were manufactured just ten years ago. This is evident by the SEER and AFUE ratings given to air conditioners and furnaces respectively presently. To achieve maximum efficiency, it is always best to utilize the new technologies to its full potential and match both of your furnace and AC systems as they will be designed to work in the same efficiency rage.  Your heating and cooling system have many components that …

Suffering from a headache?

Suffering from a headache or sinus congestion? It could be from a lack of moisture in the air. Humidifiers (a.k.a. furnace humidifier or central humidifier) are especially recommended for those cold winter days while the furnace is almost running continuously. Dry air and low relative humidity can be the cause of concern for many health related issues especially for those with respiratory ailments. The lack of existing moisture in your home can further cause nosebleeds and general dehydration, skin and eye irritations as they will have an evaporative effect on your body moisture and fluids. Please visit us at for more.

Is Your Furnace Winter-Ready? Reliable Furnace Maintenance For Only $89!

Cooler weather certainly seems to have arrived in Toronto today. It is a vital reminder for homeowners to have their furnaces thoroughly inspected, cleaned and tuned up, and ready for the winter season - as you don't want to discover a furnace malfunction when you need it most. With our great pricing, reliable and trustworthy service, it is a great opportunity for homeowners to take advantage and schedule a time that is most convenient for them - well before the busy winter season sets in. Some benefits of maintaining the heating unit include:

1. Lower Energy Bills

With all components of the furnace operating at more efficient levels, it will simply not have to work as hard to heat up the home which in turn reduces utility/energy bills.

2. Improved Safety For Your Family

An important part of our maintenance visit involves a careful examination of your HVAC system's safety features/controls and probable problem areas. This will help prevent any dangerous situations from arising,…

Multi-Stage, Multi-Speed Furnaces

A question we often get is "What are the advantages of multi-stage, multi-speed #furnaces?" Multi-stage furnaces have become more popular lately, although they are more expensive than the single stage furnaces that have been sold for decades. Multi-stage furnaces have two or three levels of burner function, and an efficient, modulating circulation fan to move the heat into the house. They can provide additional heat when a quick temperature rise is required, such as in the morning when a house with a setback thermostat is being heated from 15°C to 21°C (59°F to 70°F). A traditional single speed furnace would take longer to get up to temperature. The multi-stage furnaces are no more efficient than single-stage furnaces; they offer more flexibility and perhaps more comfort.
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Q&A: Will An A/C and Furnace Replacement Increase The Value Of My Home?

A: Replacing your outdated HVAC system can certainly improve the value of your home. This is especially important when living in climates with extreme weather conditions - hot summer days and cold winter nights. Here in Toronto, where we most definitely experience both ends of the weather spectrum, it may be a good idea to consider some of the ways an air conditioner and/or furnace replacement can be beneficial for your home:

Lower Energy Costs: It's no surprise to find out that on average, heating and cooling costs account for more than half of utility costs in Canadian homes. And therefore, it is imperative for homeowners to make energy efficient decisions when it comes to their home's heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system. Replacing older heating and cooling systems that often operate around 60 to 65 percent AFUE with new high efficiency systems currently on the market that operate well over the 90 percent mark will save hundreds and thousands of dollars in fuel …

5 Easy Ways to Extend The Life Of Your HVAC Unit

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