Is Your Furnace Winter-Ready? Reliable Furnace Maintenance For Only $89!

Cooler weather certainly seems to have arrived in Toronto today. It is a vital reminder for homeowners to have their furnaces thoroughly inspected, cleaned and tuned up, and ready for the winter season - as you don't want to discover a furnace malfunction when you need it most. With our great pricing, reliable and trustworthy service, it is a great opportunity for homeowners to take advantage and schedule a time that is most convenient for them - well before the busy winter season sets in. Some benefits of maintaining the heating unit include:

1. Lower Energy Bills

With all components of the furnace operating at more efficient levels, it will simply not have to work as hard to heat up the home which in turn reduces utility/energy bills.

2. Improved Safety For Your Family

An important part of our maintenance visit involves a careful examination of your HVAC system's safety features/controls and probable problem areas. This will help prevent any dangerous situations from arising, such as carbon monoxide and gas leaks.

3. Fewer Repairs Required

Unexpected breakdowns and costly malfunctions of your furnace will be greatly reduced through regular assessment, cleaning and lubrication. This will prolong the life of your heating unit and ensure your furnace is running more effectively.

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  1. Yes, Winter when temperature lowers terribly is a threat to your health.


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