The Advantages of Replacing Your Furnace and Air Conditioner Together

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With the weather getting colder and colder and the functionality of your furnace becoming a top priority, it is vital to ensure that its performance is efficient. We have talked about reasons why to replace your furnace, however, it is also important to consider the advantages of replacing both of your furnace and AC together. Here is why we recommend the replacement of your furnace and AC at the same time:

Benefits Include:

1. Higher energy efficiency: It is worthwhile to note that many of the systems being manufactured today are built much more efficiently than systems that were manufactured just ten years ago. This is evident by the SEER and AFUE ratings given to air conditioners and furnaces respectively presently. To achieve maximum efficiency, it is always best to utilize the new technologies to its full potential and match both of your furnace and AC systems as they will be designed to work in the same efficiency rage.  Your heating and cooling system have many components that work hand in hand with each other to achieve ultimate home comfort, and so, updates/replacements in one part of the system will affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the other.

2. Save money: With the purchase and installation of a new heating and cooling system, the chances of running into problems are greatly reduced. However, if repairs become necessary, it is reassuring to know that product warranties will provide protection and cover any cost. You will also likely save on the cost of installation when purchasing a furnace and an air conditioning unit together. The installation of the new units will likely be less complicated when being replaced at the same time, as opposed to a new unit being installed with an old unit. Remember, the components of a furnace and AC work with each other to heat and cool the home. And so, matching a new system with one that is old and less efficient can decrease the lifespan of the new unit. What's more, manufacturers may not be obligated to honour warranties of new units that are combined and installed with older units.

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